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Our Products & Services

Our products and services are customized for each client to maximize ROI. Each case is different and what is a great solution for a company may not be for another one. Our advisors guide you through the different possibilities to achieve your goals while balancing delivery speeds with investment of resources. Client satisfaction through value-delivery and quality of service is our approach.

Custom Software Development
We design, develop and maintain custom software, from mobile apps to games to full-blown enterprise solutions. We are fast and our emphasis is in providing you with the most value for your buck.

Branding & Marketing
Let us optimize your Brand to increase recognition and minimize unnecessary spending in you marketing efforts. Targeted outreach guided by ROI goals and driven by good practices are paramount.

Graphic Design & Printing
Effective delivery of the right message requires great marketing and graphic design expertise. Relay on our quality design and printing services to ensure consistency across your collateral and advertising.

Agile Software Development

With Agile SDLC models we are able to deploy your custom software in iterations so you can start realizing value from your investment within 30 days. Additional functionality and maintenance is added in increments during the entire life cycle of your software. This approach welcomes your recurrent feedback to ensure relevance, reduce risk, minimize time to market and maximize value to you and other stakeholders. Depending on your unique requirements and goals, we would recommend development under the Scrum or Scrumban (Scrum with Kanban) Frameworks.

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Why Choose us

There are many reasons to choose us but who likes to brag? Here are just 3 reasons why you should partner with us on your next project or marketing effort.

Service is Paramount
And we don’t mean just Customer Service. Servant Leadership is our philosophy. We believe in serving everyone, from our employees to our providers to our clients. When everyone involved is happy, magic happens.
Effective Marketing, Creative Design
Proven results are key to ROI. We advise you in best approach to reach your audience and provide the data to back our recommendations. We think outside the box to deliver designs that grab attention while improving your brand’s recognition and goodwill.
Clean Code
We develop your code with emphasis in sustainability. Clean code isn’t just smart—it is the key to keep cost down while the software grows and to keep our sanity to maintain it.

Featured App: Krenio

Krenio is a feature-rich cloud-based application that provides a suite of online tools for project estimation, costing & management, team collaboration, customer relations, file transfer, alerts and more.

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